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☺Nine Lives book 1:Moon Dreams☾

posted Apr 10, 2011 22:58:27 by poprocks249

Gray mist hung low as Heatstar leaped on to a rock near the cliff and looked down.
“She is doing well”
Heatstar turns to see who had said that put looks down again.
“Yes,Icestar,Wolfstar is leading the clan as if she was their leader for moons,”says Heatstar still keeping her eyes low.“But there is many things she has to do before she can settle in as a leader.”

Chapter 1

It was new-leaf and every thing was fine in Winter Clan.Three kits ran by,Pinkkit,Rockkit,and Silentkit.Their mother,Hollyleaf was close behind running to keep up.We had plenty of prey to eat and lots of water to drink, but little did we know are life will change in the matter of moons.

“Hey Wolfstar” I turn to see who was behind me;it was Daisyfang a glowing yellow she-cat with amber eyes.
“Some cats from Owlclan tried to steal our prey again!”
“Oh no,that is the third time this moon!”Says Flamefrost next to me.
“And it is going to be the last time”Says Daisyfang.“Wolfstar should I tell Howlear too or do you what to tell him your self…because well you what happened.”
“Don’t Daisyfang!I want him to calm down before you talk to him,or something bad might happen.”I yell to Daisyfang.

You must be wondering what happened between Daisyfang and Howlear. Well im sorry I can not tell you that….the rest of the clan does not even know.Only Daisyfang,Howlear,and me know and no one else,and we would like to keep it that way.Lets just say that Howlear is lucky that I let him stay in the clan.

When I walk up to Howlear he is looking down the steep cliff looking as if he wanted to jump down into the raging water below and go to Starclan.He was always watching the apprentices and young warriors making sure they did not fall off the cliff,but this time it seemed as if some one had to watch him so he did not go over.

“Howlear” The ginger tom had no reaction.“Howlear I want you to set up a patrol,some cats in Owlclan tried to steel our prey”
“Why don’t they understand?” Asks Howlear still looking down into the water.“Why don’t they know that im not a part of Deathclan any more?” He turns to me his eyes weary.
“They think that you are not loyal to this clan and think you are just spying on us…”
“I’ll get started on that patrol”He says changing the subject.He takes one more look at the furiously moving water and turns away.

Chapter 2

That night I hear something strange.It was like something was trying to move through the nettles on the bushes. I come out of my den to see what was making that noise, but before I get out I hear the voices of cats…Owlclan cats. I creep quietly out of my den and into the warriors den.

“Hey, hey Howlear”I say as quiet as I can.
“Wha-?What is it Wolfstar?”Howlear says.“Is,is something wrong?”
“Yes,yes something is wrong. Cats from Owlclan are in our camp.You wake up the other warriors while I see what they are up to.

The Owlclan warriors go through the camp looking as if they did not care if they got caught.

“Okay Oakheart you go find the fresh kill pile and the rest of us will go in for a surprise attack.”Said one of the Owlclan warriors.

“Wolfstar, all of the warriors are wake now what?”Howlear says with his brother Toadfur beside him.
“Hey did they say that they are going to attack us, so why don’t we just attack them?”Toadfur suggests.
“Great idea but we need to see what they do first…”I say as the Owlclan warriors get closer.“Hmm,tell all the warriors to hide until they get my signal to attack.”I say to Toadfur.“And Howlear come with me,we are going to get a closer look at the Owlclan warriors.”

Chapter 3

I move over so that my deputy can look at the amber and ginger she-cat who was looking at our fresh kill pile trying to find a good pice of pray. I hear the Owlclan cats foot steps. They are too loud to be a surprise ambush. They must know we are ready for them. It is time to attack, They are getting to close to the kit den.
I wave my tail in signal for my warriors to attack. The Owlclan warriors look surprised for a heart beat but then jump into action. After a few heart beats I notice that the battle yowls woke up the rest of the clan. Then every one was silent. Every one froze. No cat made a sound.
I wiggle my way out from under the paws of an Owlclan warrior. I see one of our clans queens, Birdbreeze.
“Stop,”She meows “Stop,we have been fighting for moons!”
I pad up to her.
“Yes, Birdbreeze you are right, we have been fighting for many moons, don’t you agree Whitestar?”I look over to the snow-white tom, who looked uneasy and a little insulted.
“Yes we did have a few clashes over the moons,”Says Whitestar “But we all can not be like Ivyclan…”
Every one turns to see who said that and to my surprise it was my apprentice, Spiderpaw.
“I over heard Thundersun and Maplesand talking about how many times Owlclan warriors stole pray from Winterclan territory.”The long legged apprentice trots down the path to the rest of the Owlclan and Winterclan warriors.
“Spiderpaw-”But before I could say any thing else.
“Spiderpaw is correct, Owlclan warriors have stolen a lot of pray from our territory over the past few moons, which is also more then a few clashes.”Says Maplesand looking over at Whitestar.
“Foxdung!My cat never set foot on your territory this whole moon until now!Your warriors must have mistaken some kittypets or rouges for Owlclan warriors.”Hisses an angry Whitestar.
Daisyfang flicked her tail “No, we made no mistake, the cats we saw were from Owlclan.”
“Then how can you prove it?”
“The smell of Owlclan was all over them, are you ready to give up?”says Daisyfang glaring at the Owlclan warriors.
Whitestar turned to his warriors “Is this true?Tell me the truth or Starclan knows what will happen to you.”
“Well, we have been getting a few pieces of pray from Winterclan territory, but the rabbits here are just so plump and juicy we couldn’t just let it sit there with no one to eat it.”Says a Owlclan warrior like a twoleg monster was going to get him if he didn’t say so.
Whitestar looked at the rest of his warriors not knowing what to say.Only if he could have kept his warriors in better shape, maybe find a new camp that does not have a rat problem every now and then.
Maybe Owlclan just needs a lot of help.
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